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The light of heaven falls whole and white
And is not shattered into dyes,
The light for ever is morning light;
The hills are verdured pasture-wise;
The angel hosts with freshness go,
And seek with laughter what to brave;—
And binding all is the hushed snow
Of the far-distant breaking wave.

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“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm has passed. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

- Corazon Aquino -

Currently attending college, and Communication is my major study. I plan to become a journalist and novelist someday. I like making friends and share fangirling stuffs with fellow fangirls. I love RAMBLING. I'm a great procrastinator. I'm a laid back girl who can be very passionate about things I love. Books, computer, internet and fanfics are very pivotal to keep me happy, strong, and motivated. Most importantly, I love people who love me, and I love people who do what they love. :D

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